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my 90 day free trial expires soon~

My CD-R drive doesn't work.

My CDROM drive won't install!

My Communications Folder is Missing from Accesssories

my compaq sound is not working after formatting

My computer does not have enough boot files to startup.

My computer does not recognize my password.

my computer keeps freezing before windows comes up

My computer suddenly stopped reading blank DVDs

My computer won't start unless in safe mode!

my coputer refuse to load windows 7

My CPU will not Boot Up Windows - Please Help

My DMA is turned off.

My Documents Duplicates Its Self

My DVD writer's not picking up on blank discs.

My extension changed to all my programs I need help please

My fast-run icons near bottom start disapear

My file Icons have from the programs look to a generic look

My Folders show as mixed up symbols

my friends dell i5 with windows seven wont boot up windows

My games minimize randomly when playing. (moved from XP forum)

My Kingdom for Local Admin Rights for My Users

My laptop hangs on boot

My laptop is not updating

My latop wont download it's a few years old

My Local Settings Folder is Corrupt

My Local Disk C has been reduced

my monitor freezes up after my windows sp 2 starts

My mouse freezes if untouched

My music folder in startup menu is slow

My Music folder not displaying correct icon

My Network Places doesn't have shared folder icon.

My new wireless adaptor is causing audio break-up on my media players!

my password will not log me on

My pc freezes occasionaly hijackthis log and details included

My PC uses windows 7

my pc's soundcard not workin

My Pictures Are Icons Instead of Thumbnails!

My printer has dissapeared.

My Recent Docs option always empty

My Recent Documents Folder always empty

My shell32 dll file is missing or corrupt

My software only works in Vista Business

My start-up problem

My System will not reboot after installing windows 7

My user name is not being saved (Moved from Windows 7 forum)

My Vista DVD won't boot on start-up (already tried several trouble shooting steps)

My Vista won't play my pc game

My Win 7 Always get lag

My windows 7 freezes after a few hours without applications running

My Windows 7 Dream

My Windows 7 Enterprise DVD does not boot

My windows 7 tells me my ''Vista" isnt high enough.

mypcsearch problem

NAS box resource name Win Me/ 98se Problem

NAV messages at startup

nec_2510a dvd writer problem

Need 2 Be Updated.Been Gone for 4 months

need a GRUB command to get through windows 7 booting (or other fix)

Need a laser printer compatible with Windows 7

Need a network/ethernet driver

Need advice on graphics options

Need CDRom driver

Need default welcome screen but.

need device driver help please

need driver for ethernet adapter

Need Driver help after reinstalling Windows

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