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My laptop "zaps" me

My laptop battery is hot and always charging

My laptop can't handle the security programs

my laptop first 2 minutes dead.

My laptop finishes when it wants and then wont start again :(

My Laptop Gets VERY HOT.I used to leave it on for days at a time. HELP

My Laptop Freezes And Makes A Weird "Techno" Noise

My laptop freezes when I insert my PCMCIA Wi-fi card.

My Laptop hangs shuting down: HJT Log.

My Laptop hangs when i open several files

My Laptop has gone off the rails and driving me mad

My Laptop Has Narcolepsy

My laptop has major issues

my laptop has no internet conection with ubuntu 9.10 on an emachine e625

MY laptop is attacked by a virus nsl-school.org

My laptop has swineflu: win32.fraudload.edt

My Laptop is frozen What's wrong with it?

My Laptop is affected by pe386-msguard-lzx32

my laptop is a piece

my laptop is gone :(

my laptop is killing me !

My Laptop is no longer picking up signals

my laptop is not starting

My laptop is on the fritz! Please help!

My Laptop is Sick!

My laptop is playing up (again)

My laptop is plagued with the BSOD

My laptop is SO dead!

My laptop is smoking out of USB

My laptop is ticking me off

MY laptop is such a retard.

My laptop keeps freezing

my laptop keeps shutting down and reboots itslef without any warnings.

My laptop keeps shutting off with no warning!

My laptop lag and stop working! Please Help!

My laptop loves to hibernate

My laptop restarts itself randomly

My laptop seems to be turning itself on

my laptop shuts down automatically

My Laptop starts up fine but wont do anything!?!?!? Please help

My laptop squeaks

My Laptop switches off for no apparent reason.

My Laptop wall not run on the AC DC converter only

My laptop will not boot

my laptop will not boot up

My laptop will not work please help i need for revision

My laptop will only display fullscreen at max resolution

My laptop will not start up

My Laptop will not turn on.no power

My laptop wont boot up after i entering safe mode. How to do

My laptop wont boot up>>>Help<<<

my notebook failed to boot

My wife's laptop won't start- Please Help

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