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Mxtor Basic 500GB External Hard Drive No longer working

My 2nd hard drive is so SLOOOW!

My Book 1tb External HD problem?

My Computer Consistently

My Computer does not recognize that I have a secondary drive.

My Computer doesn't see my slave drive

my computer drops my harddrives

My Computer Is Dying (Help Please?)

My computer is using the zip drive for the hard drive

My computer memory is disappearing

my computer not seeing second ide

My Computer not recognizing second hard drive

My Computer suddenly will not recognize second hard drive

My computer uploaded 5 gigs unknown to me. Help!

My computer wont boot when new HDD plugged in. PLEASE HELP!

My Computer won't display drives

My computer won't work.i'm afraid i'll lose a lot of priceless pictures :(

my computers not showing my second hard drive can some one help

My desktop crashed - can not boot on first drive BUT can on second boot drive. But.

My disk is continously being accessed.

My Docs / loose Hard drive

my documents across two drives

My EHDD Crashed

my external hard drive is giving I/O error

My exterior hard drive

my external hard drive keeps disconnecting - damaged mini b port?

My External Hard Drive Runs a Auto 'Sleep' Mode

My external hard drive won't turn on.

My External HD stopped working

My external HDD shuts off randomly.

my files have disappeared from my hard drive

my free space on drive c disappears

My Hard Disk Drive Vanishes

My Hard disk has VSB/Small

My hard drive appears more full than it actually is

My hard drive apparently needs to be replaced. but

My hard drive is cranking away for no reason could you review log?

My hard drive crashed

My Hard Drive is CONSTANTLY Spinning!

My hard drive goes "clunk""

My hard drive is going

My Hard Drive is lying.

my hard drive is running always this is a copy of hjt

my hard drive isn't showing up

My Hard Drive is GONE!

My Hard Drive just vanished.

My hard drive is visible to windows or BIOS

my hard drive memory went up

My hard drive keeps clicking!

my hard drive maybe dead.

My hard drive is always active.

My hard drive vanished

My hard drive now continually runs.

My hard drive may be dead

My hard drive sound like is always running and computer runs slow

My hard drive sounds like a heart machine!?

my hard drive on clicking still doesnt work

My Hard Drive?

My hard drive will not format.

My hard drive wont show up on my computer

My Hard Drive won't Recognize over 40 gig

My HD is slowly losing memory?!?

My hardrive must be Secondary Master?

My hard drives have vanished!

my hd clicks and my bios doesnt recognize it

my hdd

my harddisc sounds like cracking a peanut

My HD is running like crazy!

My HDD memory has been steady going down . now is down by 50 GB I think

my HDD keeps losing space. nothing is being stored on it!?!?!?

My HDD is in the freezer

My laptop's hard drive died

My Maxtor Hard Drive Crashed! Can I Restore It?

My Maxtor Hard drive will not Show up.

My master HD (ide) may be dying.can I move the data to slave (sata)?

My Memorys Gone On My C Drive

My new HDD is showing as a DVD player?

my old hard drive

MY PC IS in Bad Shape

MY HDD more GB than it have!

My screwed front USB port screwed my external HDD

My Second Boot is not working!

My secondary Hard Drives are Disappearing

My simpletech hard drive will not show up with vista :(

My Simpletech USB Device Not Recognized

My Slave Drive cannot be found!

My situation: Wiping my drive =S

My Wester Digital Hard Drive is no-loner recognized by my computer

myCPUcan'tdetect my 2nd HD

Mysterious Act of My Computer******

Mysterious dissapearing hard drive.

Mysterious Hard Drive Space Disapearing

Mystery Hard Drive

NAS hard drive format problem

nas or external hdd

NAS or ext USB HD on 2003 Server?

NAS vs. external HD

Neec advice On Hard Drive

need a 1 TB storage server -recomendations

Need a Hard Drive Diagnostic

need a little help with diy external usb hard drive enclousre.

Need a new drive

Need A New Hard Drive?

Need a new Laptop HD - What type and How Easy to Install?

Need a suggestion about HDD.

Need a USB Device to read IDE Drives

need acces my old HDD

Need Advice : External Desktop Hard drive vs Portable Hard drive?

Need Advice and Input: Hard Drives that can be Pulled Out

Need Advice For My Partitioned Hard Drive

Need advice on Hard Drives

Need advice on new Harddrive.

Need advice on partitioning harddrive on new system

Need a solution for switching to different hardware configuration quickly.

Need assistance after installing 2nd Hard Drive in Desktop

Need Compatible HDD for Laptop

Need Data off Hard Drive Connected by USB

Need details on replacing HD!

Need Expert Advice of Compaq Presario 5738 Hard Drive memory

Need External Hard Drive Advice

Need external network hard drive advice

Need free program to wipe SATA HD completely clean

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